Saturday, August 15, 2015


 Understanding Photography is the art or process of income are images and light on the film. It is true, most if you seek understanding photography is almost the same answer all the process of painting with light using the media. But the main thing is how to explore the art of photography. After knowing the understanding of photography in general, and what is on your mind about photography?
 Art is something created by humans which contains elements of beauty, or the essence of creativity.
 To produce a good work or draw there are several factors, the most important factor is the illumination factor, without light or good lighting would be too difficult to produce good work, for it takes a second factor.
 The development of photography is always related to and flows along socio-political momentum of this nation, from colonial political momentum policy change, revolution, an economic boom in the early 1980s, until the Reformation in 1998.
In 1841, a Dutch health officials named Juriaan Munich received instructions from the Colonial Office to land in Batavia with a dauguerreotype. Munich was given the task of perpetuating plants and natural conditions that exist in Indonesia as a way to obtain information about natural conditions.
In the world of photography stout are specific types of photography that you can be understood better fit with passion. Each type of photography has different techniques and skills. Do you already know the type of photography are you interested in? Let's check out the top ten popular types of photography and find out what kind of new photography!

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