Saturday, August 15, 2015

Arts in Photography - Notes

 Various aesthetic value is not included in the photography technology must be harmonized with technical process to give character and beauty at its visual results. The art of photography is not just a record of what the real world, but becomes a complex work of art and media images that also gives meaning and message. Keywords: art, photography, creativity.
 In line with the times and technology, photography has spread to all corners of the world and explore the diverse areas of life. Now, almost certainly make the various sides of human life photography as a tool and a means to meet their needs. Photos are always interesting to be seen or observed. In addition to more easily remembered than text, a photo documentation has a high value because it is able to record something that is unlikely to recur, whether it's about personal stories, family, natural beauty, cultural or artistic events. Through photos as well, people could be lured to an object news, sports products, food, beverages, until the results of the industry. Hence was born the expression images are able to speak more than a thousand words.
 History of photography can not be separated from the invention of the camera and the film. With the invention of the film, the image can be produced, and the process of lighting the film occurs in the camera. Photography comes from the Greek term: phos which means light and graphein which means drawing. The term was first by Sir John Herschel in 1839. So the meaning of the word photography is drawing with light. The most fundamental working principles of photography has been known since centuries ago.
 Classic question that is always raised by many people is what art is. Most of them replied spontaneously that art is beauty. The answer is not wrong, but it is not also true because some works of art, especially art), the beauty of it is not easily found by everyone. Whereas the definition of art by K. Achdiat Mihardja: "Art is a human activity that reflects rohan reality (reality) in a work that is thanks to the form and content has the power to evoke a certain experience in the spiritual realm of the recipient".
 The first requirement is the need to draw attention (attention). A photographic work must first be able to get the attention of people to see it. Without this process, a message of photographs also other artwork will stop there. Then, after being able to get the attention of the photographs should be able to generate interest (interest) for the message to be delivered. Once people interested in the photographs are made, then from there the process still underway with the onset of desire (desire) to find out further message delivered
 Black and white photography and color photography are two different things but stand parallel. In this era of technological advances so rapidly that photography is not to say that there is still the presence of black and white photos are photos outdated. In addition to the information is still required within the print media, misalnyakoran, magazines or books.
 Color photography is not merely the modernization of black and white photography. Similarly, black and white photography is not a simplification of color photography. Color photography and black and white photography has walked alone into two streams in the art of photography, with their respective followers.
 This can be evidenced ILFORD photographic equipment factory in England called himself a specialist black photo putih.bahkan the plant has the slogan "Ilford, The Future in Black and White" (Ilford, Future for Black and White Photo) black and white photograph is a photograph of a very simple, so if not creatively processed will not produce anything.
Creativity is the ability to effectively create that will give birth to something new. It can be said, too, is the power of creativity and effort of mind to create something else or different from the others, from the less good be better, than that has never existed into something real, interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding. Imagination as a driver of creativity, the original can be raised from personal experience, fantasy or association which can then be developed and widely by: correlate with the nature of the sprawling and its contents, love of neighbor, love specifik, economic conditions, political situation, the law or with the ideas and works of art form to another. Basically creative potential as self-concept is necessary and must be developed at any time by opening and colonized experiences new creative (up to date) in any field as well. It is given and signifies that every artist must have mempunyasi creative creativity itas-general and specific at the same time.

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